How to Choose Best Class 11 Commerce Books

Commerce is a stream of study that focuses on business, trade, accounting, finances and merchandising. It is a popular choice among students. The main focus subjects are accountancy, business studies and economics. Information practices / mathematics and English.For students who have taken up the commerce stream in class 11, finding the right books for each subject can be quite a task as there are numerous books available in the market.Class 11 commerce books are easily available in any book store.

When selecting Class 11 commerce books, consider the bellow mentioned factors:

  • It is important to go through the syllabus and its requirements.
  • Speak to your teachers or look at thelist of books suggested by the school.If you are looking for books apart from the formal syllabus, you can get book recommendations from your teachers or speak to students who have studied the subjects offered in the commerce stream.
  • It is also better to go through the book reviews online.
  • One must also keep in mind not to buy too many books of the same subject as it may lead to confusion.
  • The concepts should be explained clearly and in a simple manner.
  • Choose a book that is relevant to your syllabus.
  • The language should be simple and understandable.
  • It is also beneficial to keep some question banks handy.
  • Books with previous question papers are also helpful.

Apart from Class 11 commerce books, if you are looking for some extra reading, it may be beneficial to read biographies of successful business owners. Read magazines and newspapers that have information about latest industrial trends. Once you have gathered all the required resources and study materials, it is also advisable to create a comfortable study plan for yourself. This will help you stay organised and focused. Adhering to your daily study plan, referring to the right books and taking practice tests will help you boost your performance and clear the class 11 examinations with a good score! It will also help you transition into class 12 with significant ease.

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